My home patch is North Wales and there’s no better location to walk, scramble or rock climb at any level. The quality and variety of terrain and rock types within such a compact area is unsurpassed with a limitless number of accessible classic routes and journeys to choose from.

All the guiding, instruction and coaching I offer is tailored to the individual or group. In most cases it’s best to get in touch for a chat so we can talk through your requirements. If you let me know your current experience level as well as your aspirations I can make some suggestions and design a programme suited to you.

Rock Climbing - North Wales is the ideal location to try climbing for the first time, improve your rope work, push your grade or simply enjoy a classic route or two. If you’re confused by the terminology (guiding, instructing and coaching) don’t worry, just explain what it is you have in mind and I can help you decide the best plan of action.

You don’t need any previous experience of climbing to come and have a go, I’ll soon work out how adventurous you are and run the day accordingly. If you already climb indoors and are ready to move out I can lead you through that exciting transition. If you’re an experienced climber already I can help you move on to the next level.

All climbers go through peaks and troughs with their climbing (me included), if you feel stuck in a trough, whether it’s mental, physical or technical, I can diagnose the problem and help you through it. The grade you climb is immaterial; we’ll operate at the appropriate standard whether that is diff or E3.

Walking - although you wouldn’t head to Snowdonia in search of a remote mountain experience, the North Wales peaks have an enduring appeal. Lofty ridges and logical circuits in abundance they are the ideal venue for your first ever hill walk as well as stepping it up a notch. Whether you’re aiming for one of the 14 peaks over three thousand feet, the uber classic Snowdon Horseshoe or honing your navigation the peaks of Snowdonia will have something just right. If you’d like to be guided on a classic excursion or need some coaching to improve your skills please get in touch.

Scrambling - Snowdonia is gifted with a complex geology that gives it a unique ruggedness. Glaciation and weathering have further shaped the landscape to create a myriad of rocky ridges that provide elegant scrambling routes. Some, like the famous Crib Goch, though exposed and intimidating are normally completed without the use of a rope by experienced walkers. Whilst other scrambles rear up more steeply and call for particular care, these harder routes are usually tackled with a rope to ensure safety.

If you want to try a scramble for the first time a guided experience will be just right. If it’s time to learn how to use the rope and tackle some of the harder scrambles for yourself you may need some instruction. Either way, scrambling in Snowdonia is a great year round activity.

You can come by yourself or as a group. The ideal ratio will depend on the activity and what you’re hoping to get out of the day.

For hill walking the maximum group size is normally 8 and for roped scrambling it's 4 but it’s best to outline what you have in mind and I can suggest the optimum ratio.

Rock climbing takes place with individuals (1:1 ratio) or pairs (1:2 ratio), this way you maximise the climbing time. For learning specific techniques in a more controlled setting groups of up to four people works well (1:4 ratio).

The price structure for walking, scrambling and rock-climbing is based on a simple day rate that varies only according to the guiding ratio.

1:1 = 220 per day
1:2 = 250   "   "
1:3 = 270   "   "
1:4 = 300   "   "

Coaching sessions normally take place in a climbing wall or at a bouldering venue. This is priced per session up to maximum group size of 4.

2 hours - 60
4 hours - 120
Full day as above

For larger groups please get in touch for a quote.